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Department of International Trade

In tune with the needs of Taiwan's international trade and related business functions, the department aims to educate and train students to become mid-to-high level business and management professionals equipped with knowledge and skills to conduct international market survey, analysis and practical business operations.

Program features
    The program integrates theory and practice, focusing on international trade, international finance, and international marketing as the backbone of its professional curriculum. Speeches by trade practitioners, practical training, and site visits are organized and carried out to strengthen the training of students in international trade practice and international corporate management and governance. To promote students' practical, operation know-how and skills, emphasis is also laid on the business application of information technologies. Courses offered include international trade information systems, business-trade web design, and information processing, all of which employ software featuring either simulation of customs practices or B2B open-ended trade resources value-integrated system.

Career prospects
    Graduates may find professional job opportunities in international trade, international marketing, international finance, tax administration, and business management. They may join the civil service by taking part in public exams of various kinds. Those interested in pursuing graduate studies may file applications to get admitted into most business-related graduate programs locally or overseas.